Made in Spain


Made in Spain

  • High safety, quality and efficacy standards
  • Head office in Madrid (Spain))
  • Laboratories in Albacete (Spain)

Revolutionary biotechnology developed in Spain with the highest quality standards

Logtipo ProteosPBSerum is the result of combined biotechnological and cosmetic research. The initials “pb” stand for Proteos Biotech, the company that develops the bio-active enzymes which are found in all our products. Many years of research in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector have enabled us to apply the latest technology to the world of beauty by creating PBSerum; cosmeceutics with immediate and long-term effects whose efficacy has been endorsed by numerous studies.

The head office of PBSerum is in the centre of Madrid. Currently, there are over 20 people working there.

Sede PBSerum Madrid
Head office of PBSerum in Madrid

Our laboratorios are in Albacete, in the bio-incubator, where prestigious scientists, engineers, biologists and pharmacists develop and produce enzymes such as Keratinase KerA PB333, the basis of all our facial products, or Collagenase COL GH PB220

Proteos Biotech Laboratorie
Proteos Biotech Laboratorie

In our laboratories we used new-generation technologies and machinery.

Proteos Biotech machinery
Proteos Biotech laboratories
Proteos Biotech laboratories
Proteos Biotech machinery

All the enzymes of Proteos Biotech comply with the highest standards of safety, quality and efficacy. Moreover, all PBSerum products are endorsed by numerous studies that prove their great efficacy, with rapid, visible and long-term results.

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