Acne is a skin disease that affects a large part of the population, especially teenagers. It is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that causes pimples, especially on the face, shoulders, back, and chest, since these are the oiliest (sebaceous) areas of our skin.

These pimples appear when pilous follicles are obstructed by fat and skin dead cells. Sebaceous glands inside the pore of our skin produce sebum. When the external layers of skin shed, the dead skin and oily sebum left behind, might tie together and form an obstruction of the sebaceous gland at the base of the skin. The sebaceous gland continues to produce sebum, which builds up behind the obstacle, allowing bacteria to grow in the area, causing inflammation and infection.

Within this condition we can find several causes:

  • Season
  • Heredity
  • Age (especially teenagers)
  • Menstrual cycles
  • Irregular hormonal activities
  • Stress situations
  • Some medicines or foods intakes
  • Poor quality cosmetics

In order to get rid of acne, PBSerum recommends you the best protocols for recovering your glowing and smoother skin.

This treatment consists of mixing 2 PBSerum product lines for getting visible results in a very short time:

  1. PBSerum MULTIVIT and Daily Oily skin:

Its ingredients are keratinase enzyme + lipase enzyme + vitamin B complex.

-Keratinase produces an exfoliating effect that at the same time causes a natural cell renewal, which revitalizes the skin and increases its firmness.

-Lipase gets rid of the fat layer of the surface and supports water-soluble vitamins to enter, helping in this way to reduce oily skin and acne.

-The vitamin B complex benefits in many ways the health of our skin. Among the benefits that stand out, it has the ability to reduce the formation of fat and therefore minimizes the acne appearance. It also helps to retain humidity, protects against UV rays from the sun and helps treat specific skin conditions such as irritation, redness, dermatitis and seborrhea.


  1. PBSerum EQUILIBRIUM and Daily Acne:

Its ingredients are: keratinase enzyme + combination of vitamins A, C, and E.

-Vitamin C helps activate the immune system and take the red out of acne is by strengthening the linings of capillaries.

-Vitamin A prevents dead skin cells from sloughing off and clogging pores and reduces the amount of oil your skin produces, which also reduces pore-clogging

-Vitamin E is best known as a treatment for scars and dark spots that occur on the skin as it can moisturize dry skin to prevent irritation.

By combining these 2 lines of products you could totally eliminate acne, feeling a smoother skin with a uniform skin tone and recover your natural glow.

How to apply this treatment?

To achieve the best results in the shortest time, it is advisable to apply these products for one month.

It is a combination between professional and home care application:

  • Professional application: According to the specialist’s criteria and the patient’s evolution, it is recommended for a minimum of 8 sessions to be performed twice a week in order to optimize the results.
  • Home care application: apply one vial per week of PBSerum Equilibrium Complex, and one vial per day in the morning of PBSerum Daily Acne.


This is the perfect mix for returning the glow and tone to your face.

Do not wait any longer and start recovering your true skin!

PBSerum | 31/01/2019

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