Acne and scars treatment

Acne is a chronic skin disease. The most immediate effect is pimples and finally the marks they leave on the skin. Getting totally rid of these marks is really difficult because we are facing injuries that have left scars on the skin.

Acne typologies

Acne marks in many cases depend on the type of eruptions that we have had. On one hand, we find minor acne, pimples with a white dot or a black dot. Moderate acne, inflamed and red pimples, and finally serious acne, which causes the appearance of nodules (cysts or painful lumps and full of pus) under the skin.

The most serious scars are caused by the most severe types of acne and the nodules are more likely to leave permanent scars. The best thing in these cases is to look for a treatment as soon as the first symptoms appear and thus avoid more serious acne and its traces.

Type of scars

Most of the time, the reddish or brownish marks of acne that remain once the pimple disappears do not need treatment. However, if you touch or rupture these skin alterations, you can increase the risk of having permanent marks.

We can find two types of scars, with a gradual depression or deep and narrow.


PBSerum has the perfect solution to prevent and eliminate acne or marks caused by pimples.

The Equilibrium line, in both their formats: homecare "Daily Acne" as well as its professional format “Equilibrium” (for fast results) is the line of products that we recommend for acne and marks.

Thanks to its cocktail of ingredients (Vitamin A + Vitamin C + Vitamin E) combined with our famous enzyme "Smart Peeling" (Keratinase), provides incredible results on the skin.



PBSerum | 17/05/2019

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