After summer facial beauty

After summer facial beauty

At this season we`re still dragging the sun damages in our skin. As we already know, those months of summer with its high temperatures, pool chlorines, sea salt, air conditioners, among other aspects, may have dehydrated our skin, causing possible wrinkles, skin flaccidity, spots and luminosity loss in our face. At the same time, weather changes between summer and autumn could have also act negatively in our skin.

PBSerum recommends a perfect treatment for recovering your skin after these damages and also for showing a radiant skin in autumn.

This treatment consists in the combination of 3 PBSerum product lines. Which are the best choice for this time of year:

PBSerum Extreme Firmness Line:

  • Benefits:

- Increases firmness and the skin tone

- Improves elasticity and luminosity

- Reduces wrinkles

- Tightening and smoothing effect

- Renews and hydrates deeply the skin

  • Composition:

- Keratinase: enzyme that produces an exfoliating effect eliminating dead cells and increasing its firmness.

- Collagenase: enzyme which stimulates the synthesis of collagen in our body, causing a deep hydration.

- Vitamin C: powerful antioxidant that increases the synthesis of collagen by preventing wrinkles, increasing the luminosity and unifying the skin tone.

- DMAE: improves the flexibility and firmness of the skin. When combined with the vitamin C, it accomplish amazing results.


 PBSerum Radiant Line:

  • Benefits:

- Removes superficial blemishes

- Illuminates the skin

- Increases firmness of the skin

  • Composition:

- Keratinase: enzyme that prmotes a peeling effect improving the permeability of the skin.

- Vitamin C: powerful antioxidant that eliminates blotches and unifies the tone of the skin.


PBSerum Hyaluronic line:

  • Benefits:

- Reduces wrinkles

- Hydrates deeply the skin

- Renews the skin

  • Composition:

- Keratinase: enzyme that exfoliates the skin allowing other ingredients to penetrate deeper.

- Hyaluronic acid: responsible of maintaining the humidity levels of the skin because of its ability to retain water up to one thousand times its weight. For this reason, it’s an excellent ally to eliminate and prevent wrinkles due to its great hydration power.

Mikel García | 14/09/2018

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