Dark spots on the skin, or hyperpigmentation, happen when some areas of the skin produce more melanin than usual. Melanin is the primary determinant of skin color. It is also found in hair, in the skin color and the iris of the eye.

Regarding the causes of these spots in our skin, these could be due to several reasons:

One of the most common causes is sun damage. These are called sunspots and tend to appear in our skin after spending a lot of time exposed to the sun or in tanning beds.

Another usual cause is due to hormonal changes. Sometimes menopause, pregnancy or the menstrual cycle can lead to spots. Likewise, in some cases, women during pregnancy can produce melisma, which is a skin condition that leads to small patches of skin discoloration.

On occasion, medication have side effects that can deliver spots. This means that certain medications can increase skin pigmentation and lead to dark spots.

In the same way, people who suffer from psoriasis, eczema or acne could develop spots due to the inflammation that these diseases generate in the skin.

Moreover, some cosmetics can irritate our skin, causing dark spots.

And for last, diabetes can cause areas of the skin that become darker.

Whichever is your case, if you have a spot or a hyperpigmented area in your face, PBSerum has the best protocol for getting totally rid of it!

This treatment consists of mixing 2 PBSerum product lines for getting visible results in a very short time:

  1. 1.     PBSerum Radiant and Daily Radiant:

Its ingredients are: keratinase + Vitamin C

ü  Keratinase produces an exfoliating effect that at the same time causes a natural cell renewal, which revitalizes the skin and increases its firmness.

ü  Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that provides several benefits related to the pigmentation of our skin, including a protective effect against UVA and UVB rays. Applying vitamin C topically is also an effective way to lighten various dark spots caused by the sun. It also helps to illuminate and light up the skin tone.


  1. 2.     PBSerum Equilibrium and Daily Acne:

Its ingredients are : keratinase + combination of vitamins A, C and E.

ü  Vitamin A prevents dead skin cells from sloughing off and clogging pores and reduces the amount of oil your skin produces, which also reduces pore-clogging. Consequentially it reduces the risk of acne and also the appearance of spots caused by acne.

ü  Vitamin E is best known as a treatment for scars and dark spots that occur on skin as it can moisturize dry skin to prevent irritation.

By combining these 2 lines of products you could totally treat spots and hyperpigmented areas of your face, feeling a smoother skin with a uniform skin tone and recovering your natural glow.

How to apply this treatment?

It is a combination between professional and home care application:

  • Professional application: According to the specialist’s criteria and the patient’s evolution, it is recommended a minimum of 8 sessions to be performed twice a week in order to optimize the results.
  • Home care application: apply one vial per week of PBSerum Radiant Complex, and one vial per day in the morning of PBSerum Daily Radiant.


This is the perfect mix for returning your natural skin tone and getting rid of spot and hyperpigmentation.

Do not wait any longer and start now our anti-blotches, depigmentation and tone-unifier treatment!



pbserum | 21/06/2019

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