Tips for a balanced pH

A healthy skin is essential for our whole well-being as it is our protective barrier between our body and external agents. The skin pH is one of its key protective mechanisms. This natural protective film is produced by the sebaceous and sweat glands.


When we have a healthy and balanced skin, our pH should be on 5.5 in average with a slight acid inclination to protect the surface of the epidermis of certain microorganisms. However, when our acid mantle is compromised, our skin is affected and redness, pimples, dryness and signs of aging begin to appear.


Here are some tips to keep your pH balanced:


• -Avoid washing your face too many times a day: a deep facial cleansing daily is very important, but too often can cause dryness and irritation. Therefore, washing your face twice a day is enough.


• -Exfoliate weekly: it is important to exfoliate so as to remove all dead cells that accumulate on the surface of your skin. For this reason, we recommend you the PBSerum face products, which generate a “Smart peeling” effect, so it produces an exfoliating result that at the same time causes a natural cell renewal, which revitalizes the skin and increases its firmness.


• -Try to use cleansers without sodium sulfate: you may feel a very deep cleaning after using these kinds of products; though, it is very likely that you are removing from your skin even healthy natural fat.


• -Do not wash your hair after cleaning your face: practically all shampoos have sulfates that irritates and promotes the appearance of acne and pimples. Then, it is better to wash your face after having washed your hair, so you allow the natural skin fat to protect your skin.


•- Use tonic: this product corrects the possible excesses or faults of your skin, while removing dirt and moisturizing it, thus achieving the ideal balance to have a normal pH.








PBSerum | 19/09/2019

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