Balanced skin this season!

Showing off a healthy and delicate face provides a pleasant impression of the person who exhibits it. However, sometimes, in order to obtain these results, we decide to submit to complicated and excessive processes that cause greater damage. To obtain a healthier, younger and more beautiful skin it is important to know our skin and the changes it undergoes with the passing of years and bad habits.


Age, cosmetic products, fatigue, exposure to the environment ... All this can unbalance the skin generating various alterations such as: dryness, too much sebum, irritation, pimples, etc. The skin needs a balance between water and lipids, and both elements are necessary for the proper functioning of it.


After the 30 years, aging and external factors trigger degenerative processes that alter this balance and the skin begins to lose its natural defense capacity, which translates into imbalance and accentuation of the passage of time in the same.


To improve the odious balance of the skin, it is advisable to take care of its elasticity, protect it from the sun, maintain good hygiene, and use makeup and dermatological cosmetics that provide vitality and help restore its functions. For this, it is necessary to follow a beauty routine that protects her from external aggressions and provides her with hydration. The main thing is to use an adequate cleaning process with soft products that allow the removal of accumulated impurities and toxins.


From PBSerum we propose to regulate the outbreaks of unbalanced skin with acne tendency with PBSerum Daily Oily Skin; A cleanser and regulator of the skin, which removes surface fat, reduces the appearance of grains and hardness, as well as revitalizes the skin.


PBSerum | 05/12/2019

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