In addition to UV rays ... you have to take care of the blue light!

The latest research had found that the protection from UVA and UVB rays is no longer enough, as up to date investigations confirms that blue light (produced from the sun and our digital devices) is also bad for our skin.

These studies have found that blue light induces oxidative stress in the skin, and for this reason, this can contribute to skin aging, as when we exposed to UVA.  Besides, blue light penetrates deeper into our skin compared with UVA and UVB lights. In fact, blue light penetrates profoundly to our dermis, where collagen and elastin are located.

Moreover, environmental stressors can also damage our unprotected skin and reduce the availability of elastin, leading to loss of elasticity, skin photoaging increasing wrinkles appearances, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation.

For this reason, we recommend you PBSerum Extreme Firmness. Thanks to it super ingredients you will recover your damage skin affected by the blue light, as well as avoid future damages.

PBSerum Extreme Firmness is our star product because its combination of ingredients produces incredible results in the skin:

  • -Keratinase enzyme produces an exfoliating effect that at the same time causes a natural cell renewal, which revitalizes the skin and increases its firmness.
  • -Collagenase enzyme stimulates the synthesis of collagen in our body, generating deep hydration and renovating our skin.
  • -Vitamin C increases the synthesis of collagen, helping to repair and regenerate the epidermis cells.  Besides, it helps in to prevent and get rid of wrinkles, increasing the luminosity and unifying the skin tone.
  • -Hyaluronic Acid is a natural skin substance that helps to maintain its elasticity. In addition, its high humectant value works like a sponge, retaining moisture. It also has the ability to absorb a thousand times its weight in water, so it is able to hydrate and reduce the water loss, and thus, prevent dehydration of the skin.
  • -DMAE improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin. When it’s combined with vitamin C it produces amazing results.
PBSerum | 14/06/2019

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