Celebrate this season with PBSerum

Christmas is around the corner and many of us still do not know what we are going to give as present to all our loved ones.

Knowing which is the right gif isn´t always an easy task. However, beauty products are a good bet because all of us like treating ourselves with trustful cosmetics.

Also, in this holiday season with so many Christmas events, dinners, nights out, among other celebrations, it `s normal the appearance of visible signs of fatigue in our skin; pale skin, lines of expression that were not there before ...

Do not worry! With PBSerum you will get quick and easy solutions so that your skin could be prepared for all these parties!

Would you like to spoil yourself this Christmas and surprise your loved ones with the perfect gift?

PBSerum cosmeceuticals are cosmetics with the efficacy and safety of a pharma product, which are composed of enzymes combined with vitamins to promote amazing results on our skin.

PBSerum covers various pathologies through its body and facial lines, such as wrinkles, dull skin, acne, flaccidity, cellulite, among others. Both lines are presented for home use and professional use.

Do you know PBSerum enzymes?

Our products are based on four efficient recombinant enzymes: collagenase, keratinase, hyaluronidase, and lipase.

These recombinant enzymes manage to act in depth on the skin so as to achieve visible results in a short time.

In addition, being our products from biological molecules, do not generate allergies or sensitivity in our skin, thus achieving that they are safer and act specifically where we need it.

On the other hand, we can not stop telling you that our entire facial line is based on the innovative technology of Smart Peeling (intelligent enzyme). Keratin enzyme KerA PB333 is responsible for this Smart Peeling, generating an exfoliating effect which eliminates damaged cells while promoting cell renewal naturally, which revitalizes the skin and increases its firmness.

Likewise, it`s important to mention that the conservation methods that we use in PBSerum allow stabilizing the ingredients of our products, without the need to resort to preservatives or additives of any kind, preserving 100% of their activity.

PBSerum is your ally this Christmas!

Pamper yourself and surprise your loved ones with gifts you will never forget...



PBSerum | 11/12/2018

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