Begin this year DETOXING your skin

If among your new year purposes is taking more care of your skin, why do not start by detoxing it so as to recover the natural luminosity and glow after all the celebrations and excess of December?

Detoxifying our face from the inside will help restore our beauty on the outside. Getting our body rid of toxins feels good and provides you with more energy, but most importantly, it is vital for improving the skin, which is the largest organ of our body.

Despite what we have always been told, toxins can’t physiologically leave our body through the skin or the pores. Instead, this job is performed by the kidneys and the liver, the body’s detoxifying organs.

Toxins can directly affect the skin, or they can have an indirect impact on the skin by damaging cells, altering hormones, triggering the immune system, or distributing nutrients throughout the body.

Besides, our skin is responsible for maintaining our body temperature and moisture levels, yet we constantly expose it to environmental factors that can hinder its efficiency.

Whether it's due to circulation problems, dirt, pollutants, UV rays, or diet, a seasonal or daily detoxification program will improve your complexion. That’s why PBSerum recommends you the best protocol for detoxing your skin and recover your natural vibrant glow.

This protocol consists of mixing 2 PBSerum product lines for getting visible results in a very short time.

1. PBSerum MULTIVIT and Daily Oily skin:

Its ingredients are: keratinase enzyme + lipase enzyme + vitamin B complex.

-Keratinase produces an exfoliating effect that at the same time causes a natural cell renewal, which revitalizes the skin and increases its firmness.

-Lipase gets rid of the fat layer of the surface and supports water-soluble vitamins to enter, helping in this way to reduce oily skin and acne.

-The vitamin B complex benefits in many ways the health of our skin. Among the benefits that stand out its antioxidant properties and helps to remove toxins from the body as well as increasing circulation, for healthy, glowing skin

2. PBSerum EQUILIBRIUM and Daily Acne:

Its ingredients are keratinase enzyme + combination of vitamins A, C, and E.

-Vitamin C increases the synthesis of collagen, helping to repair and regenerate the epidermis cells.

-Vitamin A is vital to promoting proper skin health and aids in wound healing as well.

-The antioxidant effects provided by vitamin E protects the skin from free radicals and when combined with vitamin C it multiplies its benefits, regenerating the skin visibly.

By combining these 2 lines of products you could get BREATHTAKING results detoxing your skin, feeling more hydrated, restoring your natural pH balance and much healthier skin.

How to apply this treatment?

It is advisable to apply these products for 3 weeks, completing the professional sessions with home care applications.

  • Professional application: According to the specialist’s criteria and the patient’s evolution, it is recommended for a minimum of 5 sessions to be performed twice a week in order to optimize the results.
  • Home care application:

-PBSerum Equilibrium Complex: apply one vial per week.

-PBSerum Daily Acne: apply one vial per day in the morning.

-PBSerum Multivit Complex: apply one vial per week.

-PBSerum Daily Oily Skin: apply one vial per day in the morning.


Begin this year with a super DETOX for your skin!

Recover your skin natural glow and repair it from the damage suffered on vacations.

PBSerum | 24/01/2019

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