How to fight winter dryness

We know that we have a tendency to drink less water and worry less about our skin in the colder months. We used to think that with low temperatures the sun`s rays do not burn us and normally we don’t want to apply as well so many moisturizers and oils in our skin. 

However, the truth is that these are exactly the months that we must take care of our skin. We must use a good sunscreen daily and do not stop drinking a lot of water.

The abrupt temperature changes that we experience in winter added to our own carelessness can be enemies of our skin, causing dehydration and desquamation… Did you know that dehydration is the main reason of the appearance of wrinkles on our face?

The good news is that we have the PERFECT SOLUTION to this problem! PBSerum anti-wrinkle with hyaluronic acid is the ideal treatment to get rid of the existing wrinkles in our face and avoid premature aging.

This treatment is composed by the enzyme keratinase (Smart Peeling), which generates an exfoliating effect getting rid of damaged cells while promoting cell renewal naturally, which revitalizes the skin and increases its firmness, is also enriched for hyaluronic acid.

The hyaluronic acid is responsible of maintaining the humidity levels in the skin because of its ability of retaining water in a percentage equivalent to thousands of times its weight. For this reason, it´s the best friend to eliminate and prevent wrinkles due to its super hydration power.



PBSerum | 15/11/2019

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