Do not forget about your body in summer!

We know that summer is synonym of vacations, and it is not only a break from work and routine, but also many times it is a gym and “diet” vacations as well.


And well, of course we understand that it is totally deserved and necessary to have vacations, rest and relax from everything. However, so that when you return to your routine it isn´t too hard, PBSerum has the perfect products so that you do not forget your body, and when you return to the routine it does not become so difficult.


From PBSerum we offer you of the Easy Touch line. Products in which the star ingredient are the microemulsified enzymes, that these facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients in the deeper layers of the skin giving way to immediate and excellent results.


The products that make up the PBS Easy Touch line are:


  • --PBS Drain Power:
    • -Anti-cellulite with draining and reducing effect (Hyaluronidase PB300)
    • -Reduces fluid retention and softens the skin with draining effect in one step.


  • --PBS Lifting Power:
    • -Firming and tensor indicated to treat body flaccidity (Collagenase GH PB220 + DMEA)
    • -It increases the firmness, the tonicity and improves the elasticity of the skin.


  • --PBS Smooth Power:
    • -Anti-cellulite microemulsion ideal to brake and even eradicate orange peel (Collagenase GH PB220)                                                                               
    • -Reduces the skin of orange and softens the skin with anti-cellulite effect.


Do not leave it for the last moment and treat your body as it deserves with the Easy Touch line of PBSerum, you will get optimal results in the first application.



PBSerum | 26/07/2019

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