Glowing face in the cold weather!


The cold weather causes vasoconstriction in the capillaries of the skin, causing a slower cell renewal and therefore there is not enough oxygen for the epidermis skin cells so it leaves the skin with a dull appearance, driving to a loss of elasticity, and consequently, wrinkles.


¡Do not freak! We have the perfect product…PBSerum Radiant has the perfect combination of enzymes, vitamins, and acids to achieve incredible results in the shortest of time. This treatment is composed by the keratinase enzyme, a good amount of vitamin C and also enriched with kojic acid.


The keratinase enzyme is lyophilized, this means that is frozen so as to preserve 100% of its properties. In this manner, it´s possible to get rid of dead cells thanks to its exfoliating effects, which at the same time, revitalizes the skin and increases its firmness.


Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that prevents damages to the DNA in those cells that are exposed to solar radiation and free radicals. Likewise, it increases the synthesis of collagen and thus, it prevents wrinkles, growths luminosity and unifies the skin tone.


And finally, the main function of the kojic acid is to whiten the marks and to clarify the skin tone. This acid is an excellent supplement for helping to prevent and remove the damages caused by the sun on the skin.


This effective cocktail will provide luminosity and uniformity in your skin tone while getting rid of wrinkles. You can apply it at home or ask a beautician for applying it professionally with more instant results.


PBSerum | 12/12/2019

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