In summer temperatures increase… but also liquids retention?

With the constant high temperature this season, it´s totally normal to suffer some negative effects in our body, such as liquid retention in the legs, ankles, and feet. This is because our body needs to lose the heat excess so as to regulate metabolism, and so, the blood vessels dilate generating worst blood circulation leading to liquid retention.

It is very common to confuse fluid retention with weight gain, especially in summer where it is aggravated due to heat. Fluid retention affects mainly to women.

Among the factors that cause liquids retention are:

  • -Circulatory disorders
  • -Some medicines absorption
  • -Unbalanced and disorganized diets
  • -Sedentary lifestyle
  • -Stress and nerves
  • -Excess salt in the food
  • -Alcohol consumption in excess

Another aspect that influences fluid retention, is dehydration. Our body needs the correct levels of hydration so as to be able to eliminate the excess of liquid, otherwise, this balance cannot be maintained and therefore, the liquid accumulates in our tissues, leading to the retention of liquids.

For this reason is that in summer with its high temperatures, we tend to sweat more and therefore we lose fluid in our body. It´s important to recover this liquid in our organism so as to not getting dehydrated so easily.

In addition to the importance of staying hydrated at this season, there`re other elements in our daily routine and essential nutrition details that will help us avoid and completely eliminate the retention of fluids in our body. Therefore we give you these tips so there will not be any excuses for you to feel bloated this summer:

  • -Remember that nutrition is 70% of the results of a healthy body, therefore, eat healthily, preferably including in your diet: fruits, vegetables, fibers and good fats such as olive oil and nuts. Avoid fried and processed food, especially the excess of salt, as well as alcoholic beverages, sodas, and tobacco.
  • -Hydrate yourself. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. You can replace it or alternate it with natural juices or infusions without sugar added.
  • -Cold water in the shower is magical since it helps to activate the circulation in areas where the fat accumulates. So try for at least a few minutes to bath with cold water every day!
  • -Walk 30 minutes per day, ride a bike or practice any exercise you like, because, in addition to helping to improve circulation, it`ll keep your heart active and healthy.
  • -It`s not recommended to remain seated for a long time if, for work reasons you should do it, you can stop at least once every hour to stretch your legs taking a short walk around the office.
  • -Use moisturizers creams in your whole body daily, preferably every night before going to sleep in order that its effects are activated throughout the night. We recommend the PBSerum Draining Power, composed by the hyaluronidase enzyme.

The hyaluronidase is a protein which degrades the hyaluronic acid (the substance that provides the liquid) of our body, therefore, by reducing the excess of fluid, we get a draining effect that helps to get rid of fluid retention.


PBSerum | 30/05/2019

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