pbserum High

Active mechanism:

  • Helps support the anti-fibrotic effect of hyaluronic acid. Optional use.
  • Degrades and eliminates the amorphous, disorganized and dysfunctional collagen fibres present in the dermis of fibrotic and scar tissue.
  • Destroys collagen walls present in fibrotic nodules characteristic of oedemato - fibro - sclerotic paniculopathy.


Reccomended for:

  • Treatment and prevention of post-surgical fibrosis.
  • Hypertrophic, atrophic and keloid scars.
  • Integration of skin grafts in burned patients.
  • Stretch marks.
  • Orange skin.



Increase of skin’s elasticity and texture and recovery of the colour and symmetry, leading to a global improvement of the scar’s appearance.

PBSerum | 27/03/2020

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