pbserum Low

Active ingredients:

-Collagenase Col G/H PB220

-Lipase PB500

-Lyase LYA PB72K


Acting mechanism

  • Helps support the anti-fibrotic effect of hyaluronic acid. Optional use.
  • Degradation of polysaccharide molecules responsible for water collection.
  • Metabolism of TG inside the adipocytes reducing small fatty deposits in periocular bags and narrow areas in the face.
  • Renewal of collagen fibres and global reorganization of the skin matrix, providing a natural lifting effect.

Recommended for

  • Periocular bags with excess fat and/or fluid retention
  • Flaccidity
  • Hand rejuvenation


This product is perfect for the degardation of polysaccharide molecules for water collection, with the resulting release of the fluid retained in them to reduce oedema in the affected tissues.

PBSerum | 17/04/2020

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