The Pollution and the skin

Day after day, pollution levels continue to increase and our skin suffers since we constantly are exposed to many pollutants.

Several studies confirm that environmental pollution causes oxidative stress, which leads to visible signs of aging in the skin:

  • Drives the loss of firmness, increasing lines of expression and wrinkles.
  • Increases excess of sebum or, on the contrary, causes skin dryness.
  • Decreases the antioxidant defenses of the skin.
  • Increases the possibility of skin diseases such as dermatitis or psoriasis…

These issues occur because pollutants stick to our dermis and mix with the sweat and fat that our cells secrete. As a result, the skin gets dirty, clogs the pores, and therefore, a layer of waste is created and this difficult dead cells from simply falling off, leading to a rougher and duller skin. Also, pollutants cause skin inflammation, the formation of free radicals that damage DNA and promote dehydration of the skin, causing an acceleration of skin aging.

For this reason, in the latest years, a great variety of cosmetics for protecting the skin from pollution have been launched. Also, the damage caused by the blue light on our skin is considered a pollutant as well.

In this way, it is important that the cosmetic industry continues to research and develop products that, not only, reverse the damages already caused to our skin by pollution, but also prevent future skin damage.

Pollution subject is a global concern that does not seem to be easily solved, and therefore, we have to take measures as soon as possible to protect ourselves in the short and long term, and thus avoid harmful and really damaging risks to our skin.

However, the fight against pollution not only depends on cosmetic products for topical use but also on a healthier lifestyle. It is essential that we become aware of the importance of drinking between 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day, eating well (fruits, vegetables, vegetables, etc.), eating foods that provide different benefits and vitamins. In addition, we should not forget to do exercise for at least 20 minutes a day.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is essential to fight environmental pollution, especially if you also avoid the consumption of alcoholic drinks, tobacco and highly in sugar food.

Environmental pollution is one of the worst enemies of the skin and if we get aware of this early, we can find alternatives to avoid damage earlier.

It is for this reason that PBSerum recommends the Facial Detox protocol to detoxify your skin and recover its natural vibrant shine.

This protocol consists of mixing the product line of PBSerum MULTIVIT and Daily Oily skin, as well of the product line of PBSerum EQUILIBRIUM and Daily Acne.

By combining these 2 lines of products you could get BREATHTAKING results detoxing your skin, feeling more hydrated, restoring your natural pH balance and much healthier skin.



PBSerum | 03/05/2019

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