Prepare your skin for winter

As you know, in the cold months with the low temperatures, the excess of heaters and hot showers, our skin tend to suffer from dryness and in some cases irritations which can lead to peeling and in people with atopic skins it an reappear or worsen the eczema.


Therefore, we give you 5 tips to prepare and care for your skin in the cold months:


  1. --Protect your face before applying on makeup: before using makeup, we must clean and moisturize the skin of our face so that it is protected from the weather abrupt changes. Using serums with hyaluronic acid, vitamin A and vitamin C are really favorable for our skin. It is advisable to apply these products not only for the face but to extend it also by the neck and the neckline.


  1. --Use sunscreen daily. Do not forget that in the cold months the sun still present and we can`t get out of our house without applying first sunscreen. This is very important for avoiding spots and premature aging.


  1. --Exfoliate your skin: the removal of dead cells is an essential treatment for cell regeneration; thus, it makes our skin to show off a glowing and smooth aspect. Our Smart Peeling products are a very good option for this. 


  1. --Drink plenty of liquid: even if we are not thirsty, we have to hydrate our body from the inside as well, and also complemented with a healthy and balanced diet. In this way, our skin will look healthy and young due to the contribution of nutrients and vitamins from a healthy diet.


  1. --Preserve a healthy lifestyle: lead a healthy and balanced life, away from stress and negative thoughts. Likewise, is important to rest seven or eight hours per day, so as to help our face look healthy, bright and smooth.




PBSerum | 18/10/2019

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