We know that you are already counting down the days for sunbathing and getting the tannest you can this summer. But you should be aware that after all these months of cold weather and fewer hours of sun, our skin needs a previous preparation before exposing to the sun so as to avoid future damages.

You should be conscious that an excess of sun exposure without the proper protection and the previous preparation of our skin can lead to very damaging effects, both in short and long terms.

As first, without the prior preparation of our skin, we can suffer from burns of different degrees, presenting a very red skin, sored, inflamed and it can peel very easily and therefore lose this “tan” color quickly.

Damages caused by UV rays can cause the formation of free radicals, which are usually neutralized by vitamins A, C and E (already present in our skin). However, when the harm is extended, the vitamins lose their effectiveness.

Severe burns caused by the sun, have harmful long term effects on the skin and are especially related to the appearance of spots that can lead to melanomas.

Spending quite a few hours sunbathing can lead the body to lose significant amounts of liquid and electrolytes, which could cause severe dehydration. That is why it is essential to drink plenty of water and have well hydrated skin.

Now, you may be asking yourself… How can I prepare my skin for sunbathing?

Don’t worry, with these 3 steps you can have your skin totally ready for the summer.

1. Clean, detox and exfoliate: it is essential to clean deeply your skin and get rid of all impurities that we expose our skin daily. In addition, a profound exfoliation removes dead cells. In this way, you also eliminate toxins, which helps the health of your skin. We recommend you: PBSerum Multivit.

2. Take care of free radicals and pollution: add to your routine products with Vitamin C, because it is a great antioxidant which stimulates collagen synthesis (bringing firmness), and enhancing skin brightness and moisture. Fight the free radicals and assist your protection against environmental pollution. We recommend you: PBSerum Radiant.

3. Deep moisturizing: dry and dehydrated skin is unprepared to sun exposing, because sun boosts aging, due to this you need to maintain high the levels of moisturizing before, during and after sunbathing. To have enough moisturized skin we recommend you to use hyaluronic acid containing serums, because it is a key substance to support water levels in our body, thus, moisturizing. We recommend you: PBSerum Hyaluronic.

And of course, do not forget never to apply sunscreen daily, before going out of your house!

In this manner, for getting your skin prepared for sunbathing, PBSerum has the PERFECT protocol, which combines the best cocktail of ingredients for having our skin in the best condition before exposing to the sun.

This treatment consists of mixing 3 PBSerum product lines for getting visible results y a very short time:

  1. PBSerum MULTIVIT:

Its ingredients are: keratinase + lipase + vitamin B complex.

-Keratinase produces an exfoliating effect that at the same time causes a natural cell renewal, which revitalizes the skin and increases its firmness.

-Lipase gets rid of the fat layer of the surface and supports water-soluble vitamins to enter, helping in this way to reduce oily skin and acne.

-The vitamin B complex benefits in many ways the health of our skin. Among the benefits that stand out its antioxidant properties and helps to remove toxins from the body as well as increasing circulation, for healthy, glowing skin


  1. PBSerum RADIANT:

Its ingredients are keratinase + vitamin C + kojic acid.

-Vitamin C increases the synthesis of collagen, helping to repair and regenerate the epidermis cells. And it is a great antioxidant which prevents aging.

-Kojic acid provides a pigmentation uniformity to your face while given luminosity so as to look radiant.



Its ingredients are keratinase + Hyaluronic Acid.

-Hyaluronic Acid: This molecule is a natural skin substance that helps to maintain its elasticity. In addition, its high humectant value works like a sponge, retaining moisture. It also has the ability to absorb a thousand times its weight in water, so it is able to hydrate and reduce the water loss, and thus, prevent dehydration of the skin.

By combining these 3 lines of products you could get WONDERFUL results on your skin, feeling more hydrated, restoring your glow and a much healthier skin. Son in this way you skin gets prepared for the sun and accomplish a perfect tan!

How to apply this treatment?

It is advisable to apply these product at least for 3 weeks, completing the professional sessions with homecare applications.

  • Professional application: According to the specialist’s criteria and the patient’s evolution, it is recommended a minimum of   6-8 sessions to be performed twice a week in order to optimize the results.
  • Home care application:
    • PBSerum Daily Radiant: apply daily one vial once every two days, at night.
    • PBSerum Daily Anti-Wrinkle: apply daily one vial once every two days, at night.


Prepare your skin for sunbathing with PBSerum and get the best results this summer!


PBSerum | 05/04/2019

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