Radiant skin always!!

Cold is a very damaging agent for the skin. Dehydration, redness, peeling or faded and sad skin are some of the most common symptoms of a face that is not very well cared for at this time of year.


The reason why our face looks like this is because of the lack of luminosity. So that this does not happen is essential to moisturize our skin, take a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and water, use make-up funds, concealers, creams and illuminators that provide flashes of light.


In PBSerum we have the perfect ally to achieve a healthy and illuminated skin, the antidote to give your face the firmness, light and unification it needs. PBSerum Radiant is the perfect product to achieve a healthy and perfect skin.


With Radiant by PBSerum not only the complexion will restore hydration and that healthy touch that was lost, but also the natural face and sculpted with illuminator is one of the strongest trends of the season: ideal for a day makeup with which you will be perfect for work or at night with which you will shine like a star.

PBSerum | 28/02/2020

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