It's time to restart our skincare routine!

It is totally normal that beginning autumn we all start routines again and we set new challenges and goals.


Many of us mean to lose weight, those extra pounds we took on vacation, and others add to this, taking care of the skin, that is, remove makeup before bed, moisturize the skin at least once a day, do a professional facial cleaning once a month, among other things. The first months we are all in and motivated, but with the pass of time we tend to forget and neglect that purpose that we set initially.


But taking care of ourselves should not be a goal marked by the beginning of the year, or in this case season (school year), our face is our letter of presentation, in it we reflect our mood, our way of being. 


In addition, our face is the part of the body more exposed to the environment, thus, more exposed to all pollutants and UV rays, which damages our skin, cause premature aging, as well as can cause skin diseases.


So, spend a little time each morning to moisturize our face and prepare it for the day exposure should be a habit that we should not lose. As well as cleaning and preparing the skin for the night.


PBSerum recommends a simple routine for facial skin care:

1 - In the morning do not forget to wash your face with a soft soap and apply moisturizer and sunscreen.

2 - At night, remove your makeup very well, wash your face deeply with a soft soap, apply tonic, serum and moisturizer. We invite you to use the PBSerum product line that suits your needs, it can be Firmness, Hyaluronic, Radiant, Multivit or Equilibrium. You can talk to your beautician or use our homecare line.

3 - Two times a week exfoliate your face with a product suitable for your skin. If it is sensitive, look for special cosmetic products for your skin.




PBSerum | 04/10/2019

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