Which is the difference between serum and moisturizing cream?

Most of us usually doubt when it’s time to choose products for our beauty routine… we do not understand well the differences between all the different types of facial products present now in the market (serums, creams, emulsions, oils, etc…).

Do you want to make clear how should your diary beauty routine be?... Following, we explain the difference between serums and moisturizing creams, and where it is better to apply them.

Serum uses to have a high concentration of active principles in its formula and a fluid texture, that helps to its fast absorption. The goal of using it, is to offer a powerful treatment to special skins and their needs. Also, serum’s effect is usually faster than the moisturizing cream’s one, so you would notice its benefits on your skin in less time, being them radiance, softness and more uniform tone.

At the same time, serums are usually used for specific skin treatments, in example, best-seller are those that help with anti-ageing. Also there are some with lifting effect, firming, antioxidants, hyperpigmentation erasers, tone unifying, those that bring radiance, and others.

Main serum characteristics are:

  • Fast absorption and deep nourishing repair.
  • High concentration of active principles.
  • Special treatment of each skin condition or need.
  • Helps to enhance moisturizing cream’s benefits when its applied first.

On the other side, moisturizing creams are essential to maintain skin in a good condition and most protected possible to face external damages. It means, to have a moisturized, healthy and equilibrated skin, it’s critical to use a cream by day and by night.

Moisturizing creams’ texture uses to be denser than in serum’s case, and due to this, its skin absorption is slower. Main cream function is to moisturize the skin and serum’s goal is to enhance moisturizing cream effects.

In the best case we will apply the serum just after cleaning the skin and applying the facial tonic. We will extend it well by all the face and neck, performing soft massage. After that, we will apply the moisturizing cream, and then we will obtain all the daily benefits and needs of your skin.


PBSerum | 05/12/2018

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