Do not forget that the sun also damages in winter!

It is very likely that now in winter you do not feel like sunbathing and that is why you have set aside your sunscreen ... but you must be aware that in winter the sun is also harmful.


It is normal that at low temperatures we do not feel the sun's rays so intense and think that they do not burn and therefore that they are not dangerous as in summer ...


Well, do not be fooled by the cold because regardless of the temperature, UVA rays are still present daily, accelerating skin aging. UVA radiation penetrates the skin more and, consequently, promotes the appearance of wrinkles and also increases the risk of skin cancer.


In addition, it should be noted that for those who practice winter activities in the snow such as skiing, snowboarding, among others, we must apply much more sun protection than the others, because the radiation is reflected in the snow and therefore the sun rays affect Much more on the skin.


It is also necessary to keep in mind that, when doing these snow sports, we usually sweat without realizing it and this causes the sunscreen to not last as long as we think. That is why we must try to apply our sunscreen periodically. That is, in addition to using a protector with a minimum of 30 protection (30 SPF), this application must be repeated from time to time.


Finally, we must not forget to protect our lips, since, with the cold, we usually have cut and very dry lips. For this reason, it is advisable to apply a lip balm with a protection factor of 30 or more times a day



PBSerum | 17/01/2020

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