Acne and scars treatment

Acne is a chronic skin disease. The most immediate effect is pimples and finally the marks they leave on the skin. Getting totally rid of these marks is really difficult because we are facing injuries that have left scars on the skin. Find out the best treatment!

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Tone-up before summer!

The body flaccidity or loss of elasticity in the skin, affects as men as women with overweight or thin shape, since it is a topic that has to do with the skin aging. But do not worry at all, with the PBSerum LIFT line you`ll increase visibly the firmness and tone of your skin in a very short time…

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The Pollution and the skin

Day after day, pollution levels continue to increase and our skin suffers since we constantly are exposed to many pollutants. Several studies confirm that environmental pollution causes oxidative stress, which leads to visible signs of aging in the skin…

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Do not believe everything you see or tell you about acne because there are many theories and they are not all true. Do you want to know what is true and what is just simply a myth? Find out 7 acne myths...

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In recent years, it has been shown that it is not enough just to buy cosmetic products to achieve healthy and radiant skin, as this must be complemented by a set of healthy habits in order to achieve integral well-being. We recommend 6 habits for achieving holistic beauty.

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About Collagen…

Collagen is a protein found in various tissues of our body. There are different types of collagen in our body and their amount depends on the type of tissue. However, its main function is to provide strength, firmness, and elasticity to our body...

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We know that you are already counting down the days for sunbathing and getting the tannest you can this summer. But you should be aware that after all these months of cold weather and fewer hours of sun, our skin needs a previous preparation before exposing to the sun so as to avoid future damages. Find out the perfect PBSerum treatment...

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