In addition to UV rays ... you have to take care of the blue light!

The latest research had found that the protection from UVA and UVB rays is no longer enough, as up to date investigations confirms that blue light is also bad for our skin...

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Take care of your skin in summer!

At this time, we`re all quite aware of the damages that sun exposure causes to our skin. Though, despite being aware of the UV rays effects and knowing concepts such as SPF, there`s still a lot of confusion regarding sun protection. Find out some important tips for protecting from the sun this summer...

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How to take care of your skin in winter?

In this season with all the temperature changes, rainfall, heating, and strong winds, our skin suffers consequences, feeling of dryness, and redness that comes out during winter and remind us the importance of taking some measures so as to recover the natural shine of our skin. We recommend you 5 tips for taking care of your skin in winter

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Descubre y prueba el nuevo PBSerum Daily Oily Skin

Marzo y PBSerum te dan la oportunidad de conseguir el nuevo Daily Oily Skin, un cosmeceutico de la línea Home Care destinado a tratar la piel grasa e irritada con tendencia acneica.

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Conoce Cosmoprof Bologna con PBSerum / Get to know Cosmoprof Bologna with PBSerum

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna es desde hace más de 50 años, el principal evento mundial del sector de la belleza profesional y una plataforma internacional para la industria de la cosmética y el bienestar.


Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna has been the most important event in the sector of professional beauticare for over 50 years and an international platform for the cosmetics and wellness industry.

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En PBSerum queremos celebrar el mes del amor contigo!! / In PBSerum we want to celebrate the month of love with you !!

Febrero es el mes del amor y en PBSerum no queremos dejarlo pasar.


In PBSerum we want to celebrate the month of love with you !!

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Enzimas liofilizadas // Lyophilized Enzymes

Los procesos de liofilización garantizan el mantenimiento y conservación de las sustancias que se someten a esta evolución. En el caso de las enzimas, nos encontramos ante unas proteínas muy beneficiosas para la piel, que a pesar de su manipulación en el desarrollo de productos cosméticos siguen siendo altamente eficaces.


The freeze-drying processes guarantee the maintenance and the preservation of the substances that undergo this evolution. In the case of enzymes, we face very beneficial proteins for the skin, which despite its manipulation in the development of cosmetic products remain highly effective.

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