How to fight winter dryness

We know that we have a tendency to drink less water and worry less about our skin in the colder months. The skin tends to get dry this month, but PBSerum has the perfect treatment for this season… 

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A double chin is a common condition that occurs when an extra layer of fat forms beneath your chin and the skin around your neck sags. Find out more causes for double chin and how to get rid of it...

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intensive facial rejuvenation treatment

This night you can se lots of makeup, costumes and stay up late! But you should be aware that our skin suffers with all of this, but PBSerum thinks abput everything and for showing off a refreshed & recovered skin we recommend you our intensive facial rejuvenation treatment!...

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Do you want to show off a perfect and radiant skin for your next event? Do you think that you don’t have enough time? Find out how to be a flawless guest with the Flash Effect treatment...

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Prepare your skin for winter

In winter with the low temperatures, the excess of heaters and hot showers, our skin tend to suffer from dryness and other effects…Find out 5 tips to prepare and care for your skin in the cold months 

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Take advantage of our RADIANT line properties!

Cold is a very damaging agent for the skin. Dehydration, redness, peeling or faded and sad skin are some of the most common symptoms of a face that is not very well cared for at this time of year. Find out the best PBSerum allied for taking care of your skin this season 

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It's time to restart our skincare routine!

It is very usual that beginning autumn we all start routines again and we set new challenges and goals. Many of us mean to lose weight, those extra pounds we took on vacation, and others add to this, taking care of the skin… Find out 3 simple steps for taking care of your face...

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