Cellulite causes

Did you know that between 80% and 90% of women might experience cellulite in their lives? Discover the main cellulite causes...

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Cellulite is originated by three factors that are equally present in the skin. However, an accurate diagnosis might help in the differentiation of a greater involvement of each factor..

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Skin aging

The skin aging is a natural process of our body that occurs by multiple causes. Since certain skin structures weaken...

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Intensive facial rejuvenation treatment

Find out the perfect Intensive facial rejuvenation treatment for a super hydrating shot in our face before summer... 

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Treatment of Fibrosis

A unique type of Hyaluronic Acid to help collagen reorganization and fight against scars and fibrosis...

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Radiant skin always!!

Cold is a very damaging agent for the skin. Dehydration, redness, peeling or faded and sad skin are some of the most common symptoms of a face that is not very well cared for at this time of year…

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Always remember to moisturize your face!

The sudden changes in temperature that we spend in winter added to our own carelessness can be great enemies of our skin, being the dehydration and desquamation the main damages ...

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