Beware of excess UV rays!

Excessive and prolonged sun exposure can cause negative consequences on the health of your skin. Taking into account the dangers of the sun and taking appropriate measures before, during and after exposure to UV rays is essential to protect your skin.


Usually, face and neck are parts of our body more affected by sun exposure, and therefore, it is important to take a specific care so as to avoid future damages.


Reviewing the three most common consequences of excessive and prolonged sun exposure:


1. Wrinkles:oldness is not the only cause of skin aging, there are different factors that can cause premature skin aging. Excessive sun exposure increases the appearance of wrinkles and therefore, it is important to preserve good protection to prevent wrinkles.


2. Spots:one of the main causes of hyperpigmentation is also sun exposure. The sun produces a source of information about UV rays. However, excessive exposure can alter this phenomenon causing adverse consequences and causing spots on the skin.


3. Acne:contrary to popular beliefs, sunbathing in excess does not improve the state of acneic skin, moreover, even getting worse. In many cases, due to the hyperpigmentation of the skin, long exposure to the sun can cause inflammation and, in this way, increases the appearance of acne.


In general, sunbathing is a common and necessary habit for everyone and it shouldn´t be a problem if we take appropriate measures so as using sunscreen. 


However, a protection before, during and after sunbathing, is the most important measure in order to prevent possible consequences by the sun in our skin, and also to achieve a flawless and healthy skin.








PBSerum | 06/08/2019

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