About Vitamin C

Vitamin C has extraordinary properties in our body when we eat it.  This is why the cosmetics industry everyday more transfers the vitamin benefits to their products, so as to taking advantage of its properties topically as well in our skin.

This vitamin is an amazing ally against premature aging, it also gives us luminosity, firmness, elasticity and unifies our skin tone.

Remember that vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, since it prevents damages to the DNA of cells that are exposed to sunlight radiation and free radicals. Likewise, it increases the collagen synthesis, so it helps preventing wrinkles, increasing the luminosity and unifying the skin tone. Finally, it´s perfect for correcting and avoiding spots in our skin because of its ability of transmitting melanin and collaborating with the pigment distribution.

PBSerum is always following new trends and keeping up with all the advances in cosmetics, that´s why we have 3 facial lines composed by a high percentage of vitamin C:

PBSerum Equilibrium line is composed of the keratinase enzyme together with vitamin A, C and E. Thanks to it combination of components, this line helps to reduce, even eliminate facial imperfections, as is the case of acne and marks.

The PBSerum Radiant line, composed of vitamin C, combined with kojic acid and the keratinase enzyme, is perfect for illuminating and unifying the skin tone. After the sunbath excess in summer, this line will help to eliminate spots and dull skin.

For last, the PBSerum firmness line, composed of vitamin C, DMAE and collagenase and keratinase enzymes, is the ideal for firming and rejuvenating our skin.



PBSerum | 19/12/2019

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