How to take care of your skin in winter?

In this season with all the temperature changes, rainfall, heating, and strong winds, our skin suffers consequences, feeling of dryness, redness, and in some cases eruptions that come out during winter and remind us the importance of taking some measures so as to recover the natural shine of our skin.


5       Winter skincare tips:


1)     Avoid the dehydration produced by the cold weather with a really effective moisturizing treatment that contains if possible hyaluronic acid. We recommend you PBSerum daily Anti-wrinkle since it Improves cellular cohesion and prevents transepidermal water loss, thus achieving a deep hydration. In addition, you can complement it with our PBSerum daily Firmness, which reduces visibly the superficial wrinkles and provides firmness thanks to its vitamin C composition.


2)     Use sunscreen daily: do not forget that in winter the sun's rays continue to affect our skin, especially if we practice winter sports.


3)     Drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily, as it strengthens the skin structure and keeps it hydrated and elastic.


4)     If you have spots, apply a depigmenting treatment such as the PBSerum daily Radiant. Besides removing superficial spots, it will illuminate your face.


5)     A daily facial deep cleaning routine is essential for eliminating all the impurities of your skin.



Remember to complement all these previous tips with a balanced diet, full of fruits and vegetables.



Mikel García | 08/11/2018

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