Illuminating winter shot

Did you know that dehydrated skin loses shine and promotes premature aging? not miss the IDEAL product for fighting the cold weather of winter and achieve shine and hydration in your skin

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Hydration winter shot

It’s not any newness that we have a tendency to drink less water and worry less about our skin in the colder months…Did you know that dehydration is the main reason of the appearance of wrinkles on our face? Find out the PERFECT product for hydrating your face. 

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How to take care of your skin in winter?

In this season with all the temperature changes, rainfall, heating, and strong winds, our skin suffers consequences, feeling of dryness, and redness that comes out during winter and remind us the importance of taking some measures so as to recover the natural shine of our skin. We recommend you 5 tips for taking care of your skin in winter

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Show off that natural shine in autumn

Are you still dragging damages in your skin from the summer? Does your face continue to look dry and dull from the holiday excesses? Give a lighting shot, elasticity and deep hydration to your skin with PBserum

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After summer facial beauty

At this season we`re still dragging the sun damages in our skin. As we already know, those months of summer with its high temperatures, pool chlorines, sea salt, air conditioners, among other aspects, may have dehydrated our skin, causing possible wrinkles, skin flaccidity, spots and luminosity loss in our face. At the same time, weather changes between summer and autumn could have also act negatively in our skin.

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El poder de la VITAMINA C

La vitamina C es un gran aliado contra el envejecimiento prematuro, además nos aporta luminosidad, firmeza, elasticidad y unifica el tono de nuestra piel. Descubre las líneas de PBSerum que contienen un alto porcentaje de esta poderosa Vitamina

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¿Verano=Viaje? Cuida tu piel de los daños del Jet-Lag

¿Verano = Viaje? En esta temporada de vacaciones queremos salir de la rutina y buscamos conocer destinos maravillosos con vuelos de largas distancia. Sin embargo, estos viajes prolongados por diversos factores dañan nuestra piel. El jet-lag no solo influye en nuestro sueño, también afecta en la salud de nuestra piel. 

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