About Vitamin C

Remember that vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, since it prevents damages to the DNA of cells that are exposed to sunlight radiation and free radicals...

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Glowing face in the cold weather!

The cold weather causes vasoconstriction in the capillaries of the skin, causing a slower cell renewal and therefore there is not enough oxygen for the epidermis skin cells so it leaves the skin with a dull appearance…

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Balanced skin this season!

Showing off a healthy and delicate face provides a pleasant impression of the person who exhibits it. However, sometimes, in order to obtain these results, we decide to submit to complicated and excessive processes that cause greater damage…Find out the perfect PBSerum advice...

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What is inflammaging?

Inflammaging is a new term composed of words inflammation and Aging. This term is our new worst enemy since it increases the aging of our organism and skin...

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How to fight winter dryness

We know that we have a tendency to drink less water and worry less about our skin in the colder months. The skin tends to get dry this month, but PBSerum has the perfect treatment for this season… 

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A double chin is a common condition that occurs when an extra layer of fat forms beneath your chin and the skin around your neck sags. Find out more causes for double chin and how to get rid of it...

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