Open skin pores are small holes that appear in combination to oily skin. Pores also accumulate dirt and become blocked, leading to further complications like pimples, spots, and excessive production of sebum. Find out the best PBSerum treatment for open pores and oily skin!

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Find out the PERFECT protocol for getting rid of acné with pbserum COSMECEUTICALS!

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Begin this year DETOXING your skin

Start this year detoxing your skin! Find out in our blog the BEST PBSerum Treatment for having a flawless skin this 2019! 

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Do you know good enough hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid has become the star ingredient for creams and anti-aging treatments, it`s recommended by dermatologists, estheticians and pharmacists. Do you know well all its benefits and properties? 

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Celebrate this season with PBSerum

Christmas is around the corner and many of us still do not know what we are going to give as present to all our loved ones.

Also, in this holiday season with so many Christmas events, dinners, nights out, among other celebrations, it `s normal the appearance of visible signs of fatigue in our skin; pale skin, lines of expression that were not there before ...

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Which is the difference between serum and moisturizing cream?

Most of us usually doubt when it’s time to choose products for our beauty routine… we do not understand well the differences between all the different types of facial products present now in the market (serums, creams, emulsions, oils, etc…). Do you want to make clear how should your diary beauty routine be? 

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 Firmness winter shot

Find out the perfect enzyme cocktail for this season of the year since, thanks to its combination of ingredients, and its large amount of vitamin C you will be able to recover the softness, luminosity, firmness and above all the hydration that your skin needs in winter 

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