Orange peel

PBSerum Smooth +

Colagenase CoL GH PB220

Effective orange peel reducer for application by doctors

Recommended for:

  • Advanced orange peel

  • Rebel fibrous cellulite

100% biological and skin- friendly

  • Free from preservatives, fragrances and additives

  • Lyophilized under sterile conditions

  • No irritant effect

  • Not tested on animals


  • 10 vials with the active principles microemulsified


  • Reduce orange peel

  • High penetration degree


Visibly reduce in one step orange peel and fibrous cellulite in less than a week. Effective orange peel reducer.

Colagenase CoL GH PB220

  • Relaxation of collagen fibers

  • Skin smoother

  • Orange peel reducer

  • Firming effect

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