skin-fiendly PBserum


  • 100% biological bio-active enzymes
  • Preservative-free thanks to lyophilization
  • Without side effects or irritation
  • Applied through gente massage

Skin-friendly ingredients

All the ingredients of PBSerum products are skin-friendly. As the bio-active enzymes are 100% biological, they are a natural alternative to chemical products. The lyophilization technique we apply enables us to maintain the active ingredients stable for a long time without preservatives or additives: these are 100% pure ingredients

Skin-friendly action

PBSerum enzymes act only where the skin needs it, which maximizes treatment. As they are completely biological, they do not cause side effects or irritations.

Skin-friendly application

PBSerum comes in user-friendly vials specially designed for an easy and pleasant application through a gentle massage of the treatment zone.