A comprehensive solution

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We satisfy all your beauty needs

  • Facial and body products with proven efficacy
  • A complete range of cosmeceutics classified by pathology
  • For application at home, by beauticians or doctors

Among our 12 categories you can easily find products that treat all kinds of facial and body pathologies. Alongside them you will find real photographs before and after treatment, as well as studies that endorse their efficacy.

PBSerum products are available in three different formats according to the type of application they require. We have Home care products for application at home and others specifically designed for beauticians and doctors. In our line of facial products, PBSerum daily offers products for daily application.

All our facial products are based on patented active ingredients with proven efficacy. Their revolutionary Smart Peeling technology, thanks to the intelligent enzyme Keratinase KerA PB333, facilitates the action of the ingredients on very deep skin layers and guarantees effective, long-term results.