Active ingredients

active ingredients

Unique active ingredients

  • Effective and pharmaceutically safe
  • Specifically designed to obtain the desired effects
  • Visible results in a very short time
  • Preservative -free thanks to lyophilization
  • High penetration capacity
  • 100% biological

The proven efficacy of PBSerum cosmeceutics is due to their revolutionary ingredients: the bio-active enzymes. These active substances (or ingredients) that have been specifically developed for each pathology are a natural alternative to chemical products, as they do not produce irritations or side effects. Their efficacy and pharmaceutical safety guarantee visible results in a very short time.


Find out about our active ingredients:

active ingredients facial products with Smart Peeling technology:

  • Keratinase PB333. An intelligent active ingredient that recognizes the skin’s needs and only acts where required. Moreover, it enhances the efficacy of the other product components, multiplying their penetrating capacity by four. Its exfoliating effect encourages skin renewal, revitalizing it and increasing firmness.
active ingredients body products:

  • Hyaluronidase PB3000. This enzyme to break the polyssacharids of any excessive concentration responsible for the accumulation of fluids.
  • Collagenase CoL GH PB2200. This enzyme dissolves adipose nodules in advanced cellulite
  • Lipase PB500. This enzyme dissolve locally accumulated fat.