Lyophilized Enzymes

lyophilized enzymes

Stable up to 15 years

  • The Lyophilization preserves 100% activity and properties of Enzymes
  • No preservatives or other additives
  • Most part of our active principles are Lyophilized



The Lyophilization process

  • This method consists in the dehydration of the active ingredients through freezing, by sublimation ice pressure. The active ingredients are produced under sterile conditions and their dry preservations does not require the use of preservatives.

Benefits for the product

  • All our bio-active enzymes undergo a process of lyophilization to preserve their efficacy for a long period of time without any modification of their activity. In this way, our product ingredients preserve 100% activity, as well as all the properties of their vitamins, without having to use preservatives or other additives. This is why they are both 100% biological and an alternative to chemical products.