Smart peeling

smart peeling

Queratinase KerA PB333

Smart Peeling by PBSerum: the intelligent enzyme

  • Acts only where the skin needs it
  • Stimulates cellular renewal
  • It is readily absorbed and leaves no trace.
  • No irritant effect

Smart Peeling is based on the bio-active enzyme Keratinase KerA PB333 developed by PBSerum. This active ingredient is very selective and only acts where the skin really needs it, directly on the keratin accumulated in dead cells. These cells produce superficial spots due to oxidation, UV radiation and cellular ageing, which this enzyme separates and effectively eliminates. At the same time, its exfoliating effect encourages cellular renewal in a natural way, which revitalizes the skin and increases firmness.

 Keratinase graphic

KerA PB333 disappears once it has acted on the skin

KerA PB333 has a powerful effect on stubborn skin, but is soft on delicate skin as it does not produce any kind of irritation. As the graph shows, the enzyme starts disappearing gradually as soon as it has finished its activity, which is why it is not necessary to wash it off after treatment.

You will find this enzyme in all our facial products because it is an excellent permeator that enables the rest of the ingredients to penetrate 4 times better into the skin, which significantly increases the efficacy of all the product components.

Electronic microphotographs show the permeator effect of KerA PB333

skin´s  microphotographswith not treatment
Untreated skin

skin´s microphotograph with Keratinase treatment
KerA PB333 (surface cut)

transversal cut with Keratinase treatment
KerA PB333 (transversal cut)