12/04/2016 - PBSerum en Madrid Beauty Days

Madrid beauty days

From 22nd to the 24th  of April we will participate in Madrid Beauty Days. You will find us at stand 23 . A great opportunity to discover all new hairdressing, make-up, personal shopper physical activity, nutrition trends.

It is the perfect occasion to get to know our revolutionary  facial PBSerum Daily free. Come on and ask for an appointment at and you will get a  50% discount on your  ticket.

¡Don´t miss the opportunity!  For more information about Madrid Beauty Days, please check the following link:


01/03/2016 - 39th edition of CosmoEstetica

Last 27th and 28th of February was celebrated the 39th edition of CosmEstetica, in Athens. Our Greek distributor, Goumas Medical and Beauty Technology, took part in this congress where we introduced our products and provided and added value to the event with a conference about the use of enzymes in the aesthetic medicine industry. PBSerum is becoming more and more successful in more countries! 


17/02/2016 - STS Beauty Barcelona 2016

Beauty Barcelona PBSERUM


We are really happy with the success obtained in STS Barcelona. This Beauty exhibition took place from the 12th to the 15th of February and it is one of the best known event in the national scene. Moreover, we had the chance to provide a lecture about our PBSerum enzymes applied in body aesthetic treatments. It was a great achievement



02/02/2016 -  Getting ready during winter

Almost without noticing, we find ourselves  in February.  It seems like only yesterday that we were getting all dressed up to celebrate New Year's Eve and that we were noting down our New Year's resolution (or intentions). Certainly, some of you might have noted a resolution related to beauty. In PBSerum, as experts in skin care, we want to suggest you our face range of products. These are very easy handling products that you can use both in the cabins or at home with the Home Care line.

-Hyaluronic: it will help you soften those wrinkles originated over the years. It is formulated with Keratinase that cleans the skin and improves its permeability along with Hyaluronic Acid.

-Radiant: if you suffer from dull skin and you want to show a unified tone, Radiant is your product. It is composed of Keratinase and Vitamin C that will promote an illuminated and spotless skin.

-Equilibrium: this is the product you should use if you skin normally looks aged. It is a very powerful cocktail of 3 vitamins (Vitamins A, C and E) that, in conjunction with Keratinase, will help you renew and rejuvenate your skin.

-Estreme Firmness:  over  the years there are certain parts of our face and neck start showing the so scared symptoms of flaccidity. Extreme Firmness will correct and work on those areas, visibly reducing elasticity loss signs.

-Multivit: young skins normally tend to suffer from acne. This product based ion the combination of Keratinase and a Vitamin B Complex will provide you great results from the very first application.

As the skin is not over exposed to the sun during the first months of winter, we suggest to take advantage of PBSerum products to get your skin ready before the warm season arrives.



18/01/2016 - PBSerum in World Health Beauty (Macao)

Health has always been a very interesting topic for society and, every year, people is increasingly going for a healthier lifestyle and a balanced diet. We showed you our trip to Egypt in our latest post. Today, we want to take you in a further trip since PBSerum was present in the trade show 'World Health Beauty' in Macao from the 15th to the 17th of January.

This is a great exhibition focused on healthier lifestyles and it was represented, among others, by companies from the food, sports and skincare industries. These are all very important subjects that we must take into account of we want to feel beauty both inside and outside. Believe in yourself.

Belive in yourself


18/01/2016 - Great success in The Egyptian Derma Conference!

PBSerum had the opportunity to attend The Egyptian Derma Conference organized in Cairo on the 13th and the 14th of January. This event is focused on dermatological doctors which has been completely successful. Smartleaders Pharma, our partner in Egypt, was able to show our entire cosmeceuticals products portfolio. The professionals who attended this event came back really satisfied and excited by PBSerum and they gave us very good feedback about the brand.


11/01/2016 - Post Christmas detox plan

Last weeks in the year are magnificent weeks. We want to end up the year allowing ourselves some treats and everyday is a special day during Christmas. But then January arrives and it brings a new season that makes us want to change things up. Sweats, sauces and cakes are synonyms of pleasure but now we need some ally that will help us drain localized fat. The blog 'Mis pequeños secretos' (My little secrets) suggests detox Pbserum DRAIN. With an exclusive microemulsified formula, based on the efficient Hyaluronidase PB3000 enzyme, it increases the dermis permeability, rises the lymphatic drainage and the blood flow. If you are willing to discover new tricks that can help you succeed in all your New Year`s resolution, like losing some extra kilos, visit the blog "Mis Pequeños secretos".



04/01/2016 - Avanzadoras stories

Marian Nana is the president of a womens cooperative that produces parboiled rice in Bagre, Burkina Faso. Rice is the most consumed basic element in the world. In countries like Burkina Faso, it is easier to import it from other countries than using their own. This is due to the fact that they ignored the importance of rice parboiling and they just used the rice their husbands collected. Thanks to the National Union of Rice Manufacturers and to the association proposal Oxfam Intermon made, they are currently 18 associations and 460 people working towards the same goal: economy independence.  

At first, these women`s husbands didn`t know the economic and healthy benefits parboiled rice may generate. That`s the reason way they wouldn`t allow their wives to stop working at home instead of meeting up and presenting improvements for the cereal processing. From the moment they discovered that a simple change can occasion multiple benefits for the rice commercialization, they encourage their wives to join this type of associations. The economic benefits this entails let their children decide whether they want to go to school or not since they don`t only need their father`s salary to do it. Since now they have 2 salaries, schooling is easier and they can have a better future.

PBSerum Belive in Yourself.


23/12/2015  - Avanzadoras stories

Maria Jose Diaz is 29 years old and she is from Nicaragua. Despite her youth, it`s been 20 years since she enrolled an activist movement that fights for a brighter future for her country. Her biggest goal is achieving equal conditions for men and women and, little by little, she is doing it thanks to the support of projects like `Avanzadoras`.

Maria Jose is the CEO of Asodel, an association responsible for the region`s development and focused on young people. She studied in a school that counted on an infant movement that helped young boys and girls that were at risk of social exclusion.  The fact that she studied there was a breath of fresh air for her since she discovered new ideas far from the violence she suffered at home. Nevertheless, Maria Jose has evolved over the years, at first she combated violence against women. Nowadays, she asks for a all type of violence truce as men are also victims of this situation. From their childhood, they are raised without any chance of expressing their feelings and they are unable to treat women with due respect. That`s the reason why they work with women and men in this association. They show them how to show their feelings and provide education to parents so they can understand what activism is and how they can pass it on to new generations. Women like her bring hope for a different future, they are changing the way a country can think where the 70% of its population is under 30 years old. They want the new generations in Nicaragua to adopt new stereotypes about women`s place within the family. In order to do it, it is necessary the support of projects like Avanzadoras so they can start by picking up the reins of their lives and by believing in themselves.


PBSerum Belive in Yourself.


17/12/2015  -  Avanzadoras Project

Avanzadoras, Spanish word that stands for `women that make progress`. Women that progress and promote progress. That`s the name of Oxfam Intermon`s project that grants microcredits to women so they can develop their own business. It is currently taking place in Africa, Asia and Latin America and, for the past months, PBSerum has decided to collaborate with them. With this program, women willing to progress and evolution are being helped in the development of their projects so they can achieve wage equality and improve their working conditions. Also, this project promotes education, activism and political literacy. PBSerum wants to help these women that believe in themselves asserting their rights, challenging discrimination and claiming a violence-free life.

Thanks to these donations, these women are achieving their dreams. With Pbserum`s support, we are certain that they will have a greater ability to get their rights met by building more fair societies that can progress. Mary Sol, Maria Jose and Charifa are women from different backgrounds that represent the 70% of the Planet`s poorest populations. In the coming weeks, we want you to meet them closer because we believe in them and we believe in their potential. We think that it is necessary to take small steps towards the construction of a more fair and equal society.


11/12/2015  - Pbserum against pollution effects

PBSerum Equilibrium

For the past weeks, high pollution in cities has been a constant. Bad habits in our daily lives entail a lot of consequences, not just for the environment, but for our health too. Obviously, it also affects our skin.

Pollution derived particles generate a layer over our face which obstructs the pores and causes skin ageing, dehydration, acne appearance, etc. Contaminating gases increase the number of free radicals, molecules that impede the collagen production in our organism and worsen the skin ageing. Many factors take part in pollution, but it is just carbon monoxide that causes dull skin, premature ageing of the skin, dryness, etc. Given this environmental warning, experts suggest healthy practices for our skin. From PBSerum, as experts in the skin care, we recommend a comprehensive skin cleansing that promotes the pores opening as well as the use of our 100% biological enzymes that are free from irritation and adverse effects. Pbserum`s home care face line offers products such as Pbserum Equilibrium based on Vitamins A, C and E with an antioxidant and anti-radical properties. This product will fight pollution effects and will promote a healthier skin. Pbserum takes care of your skin health.


19/11/2015 - Stetic and hairdressing 2015

The second edition of the event -Stetica & Peluqueria 2015- will take place next Sunday and PBSerum will participate along with a vast number of professionals from the beauty and hairdressing industry. We will be in the stand 109 where we will provide first-hand information about everything around our products portfolio. This tradeshow that will take place in Tenerife next 22nd and 23rd of November is a great opportunity for all specialists from the cosmetics and cosmeceuticals industry


04/11/2015 - COSMOPROF ASIA 2015 is coming!

Cosmoprof 2015

Once again, PBSerum will participate in Cosmoprof Asia 2015 taking place in Hong Kong from the 11th to the 13th of November. This exhibition is a powerful opportunity to promote our comprehensive range of products, including our new corporative image. We will be located at Hall 3E& Concurse, stand 3EF4C1 within the beauty products, Spa products and equipments as one of the 2.362 exhibitors that will be there. Cosmoprof Asia 2015 is considered as one of the most important cosmetics tradeshows of the year among the International scene. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, this trade show is still considered as a reference event for the personal care and innovation in the cosmetic industry



29/10/2015 - PBSerums promotion in The Netherlands

During the personal care tradeshow organized in the city of Vernay (The Netherlands), PBSerum had the chance of providing training and promoting its products thanks to our Dutch distributor Western Cosmetics (  )This event, celebrated from the 17th to 19th of October, had a great affluence of well-known cosmetic wholesalers, suppliers and manufacturers being also the beginning of PBSerums career in The Netherlands.


21/10/2015 - Cosmetics application workshop

PBSerum has taken part in a workshop specially focused on cosmeceuticals application in natural products. This event was provided Tuesday 18th of March in Granada during the second annual meeting of the Microsmetics European Project.  It is noteworthy that our general manager, Juan Ramon Munoz Montano, attended this event along with great leading and innovative people from the cosmetics industry.


20/10/2015 - Beauty Forum Munich

Last 17th and 18th of October, PBSerum (represented by our distributor  participated in the 30th edition of Beauty Forum Munich which is considered to be one of the best European Cosmetics trade shows of the autumn season. This event included great exhibition areas including those focused on medical beauty and anti-aging, worldwide natural cosmetics and Wellness & Spa.

16/10/2015 - Success during the presentation of our new identity and firming line

PBSerum new line

After the success achieved in the presentation of PBSerum's new identity and our new firming line, we would like to thank all the attendee for their time and participation. We invite you to discover all the details of PBSerum's new look, resulted from months of hard work and plenty of illusion.

Now there is available the new corporative videorporativo de PBSerum:

Believe in yourself

13/10/2015 - New firming line presentation

PBSerum's team keeps on growing and working daily, for that reason we are pleased to present you our new corporate identity and our new lifting line for face and body treatments in an event that will take place tomorrow, Wednesday 14th of October. This new line is aimed to successfully settle our future basis. In order to do so, we want to continuously reassure the strength, hard work and quality of our products. This event will be attended by the media and it will be directed by our general manager, Juan Ramon Munoz Montano, along with PBSerum's marketing department.

09/10/2015 - Pure Beauty Awards 2015 nomination

PBSerum Pure Beauty awards

This year's calendar includes the celebration of the ''Pure Beauty Awards 2015'' organized by Cosmetic Business. PBSerum has taken part in this appointment by presenting Extreme Firmness Complex which has been nominated among the top 25 anti-aging premium products. Thanks to our own enzymes like Collagenase COL HG PB220 and Keratinase KerA PB333 along with our DMAE and Vitamin C cocktail, it can be obtained great results in the late aging-signes appearance as endorsed by scientific studies.

These awards recognize most efficient, exciting and innovative products launched in the past 12 months. The fancy ceremony will be held next 29th of October in London and the lucky winners will appear in December's edition of Pure Beauty magazine.


07/10/2015 - PBSerum  seminar in Latvia

Last 5th of October, Vilna embraced the seminar that PBSerum provided in the Latvian capital. The audience was trained in our whole range of products by a member of PBSerum's International Trade department. Next seminar about PBSerum's products will be held in Lithuania.

02/10/2015 - ''Enzymes application in aesthetic medicine'' workshop”

The online workshop titled ''Enzymes application in aesthetic medicine'' was held last 30th of September and was provided by Juan Ramon Munoz Montano, General Manager of PBSerum. During this seminar, the scientific reasons that have lead to the design of these enzymes were explained along with the multiple studies that have been performed with our products. You can watch it here:

28/09/2015 - PBSerum at Dermacosmetic 2015

PBSerum Derma Cosmetica

Next 1st of October, PBSerum will take part in a conference titled ''Enzymatic treatment for hydrolipodistrophy'' which will be held by Dr. Gabriela Campos during the fifth edition of the Dermacosmetic International Congress. This event will take place in Mexico from the 1st to the 3rd of October and it is an appointment PBSerum won't miss as it will provide new and different alternatives to current treatments, it will improve and will take a close look at already known techniques and it will also provide a practical application of these techniques in order to use them in clinical treatments. This congress will be attended by visitors with different nationalities driven to share their knowledge and experience in the application of new techniques and treatments in the cosmetics field. All this has turned into a very attractive opportunity when it comes to the discovery of the latest needs and demands in the cosmetic market.   


25/09/2015 - PBSerum at Intercharm Kiev 2015

PBSerum Intercham Kiev

The international exhibition Intercharm Kiev 2015 took place on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of September where our exclusive distributor Intercosmetic Group LLC presented our products. On a yearly basis, this event gathers thousands of experts from the beauty industry and it provides huge opportunities to introduce new products, find distributors as well as potential clients. During this trade show our partner participated in a series of conferences giving very specific information about our products. Apart from that, PBSerum is glad to announce that our general manager will be leading some seminars about our products in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk. .

22/09/2015 - Termatalia 2015

Once more, the international trade show Termatalia goes live at its 10th anniversary with its best participation figures up to date. It counted on participants from 39 different countries and 279 exhibitors, with a special emphasis on the Latin American and European representation. This event will take place at Expourense from the 24th to the 26th of September and it will include PBSerum's presence at stand 3. For all this, Termatalia has turned into a great opportunity to promote physical health tourism and PBSerum doesn't want to miss the chance of being there.  

11/09/2015 - After-summer skin

PBSerum Radiant

After some deserved holidays of sun and beach, it is time to recover from all the excesses, even from those caused to our skin. During the summer time, sun effect can be very dangerous as they cause skin burns, blotches, skin aging and even melanoma appearance. For this reason, it is necessary to take certain measures to avoid dermis damage by the UV radiation that worsens during summer time.

Alimentation is something to take into consideration. Most beneficial diet for our skin should be composed of a series of vitamins like vitamin E that helps in the skin's protection and regeneration, vitamin C due to its antioxidant properties or vitamin A that promotes skin lightening. All these compounds can be found in fruits, vegetables or in olive oil ( rich in omega-3 that avoids dehydration).

As a matter of fact, skin's dehydration is one of the most common problems during the summer. This type of skins is characterized by the lack of aqueous content as there is a shortage of a natural moisturizer agent. The main reason for this deficit is normally due to a reiterative exposure without an appropriate protection. The use of moisturizing cosmetics (glycols, oat extracts, mallow, etc.), toners and sprays based on aromatic plants or creams with emollient substances or proteins hydrolysates could be a great solution for skin moisturizing.Another effect that we can suffer in the skin is the apparition of blotches which are light-brown or dull colored stains which normally arise in sun exposed areas and that don't disappear during the winter. There are different solutions to this problem that we can highlight like cleansing emulsions, extracts or emulsions with depigmenting substances among others. As a solution to these blotches, PBSerum offers Renewal Vit Radiant Complex, an original lightening and anti-blotches product that brings light to the face without reducing the natural moisture here. Sun effects in our skin can be dangerous but if we use serums after the summer, we moisturize our skin properly, we control eating habits, we use techniques that improve our face skin like peelings or face cleansers, summer effects would go unnoticed in our skin. Mind you, winter is around the corner so don't you overlook your skin and stop taking care of it daily.    

04/09/2015 - PBSerum at Cosmoprof-Asia 2015

CosmoProf Asia PBSerum

It is only two months left to Cosmoprof-Asia 2015, one of the most relevant international trade shows in the Cosmetics industry. Once again, PBSerum will participate in its 20th anniversary that will take place in Hong Kong from the 11th to the 13th of November. Last edition of Cosmoprof-Asia attracted 60.000 visitors and counted on 2.362 exhibitors from 42 different countries and regions within more than 81.500 square meters. Thus, this Asiatic trade show has become a great showcase for all the professionals of this industry since it provides big expansion opportunities. For all this, PBSerum doesn't want to miss the chance of participating and displaying its products. We will be in Hall 3E & Concurse stand 3EF4C1 within the Beauty salon, Spa products & treatments area. Don't miss the opportunity to visit us!!!


02/07/2015 - PBSerum in radio COPE

Interview with Juan Ramon Munoz-Montano, PBSerum`s General Manager, during the radio show 'COPE Chic'. Our PBSerum´s expert  talks to Lola Perez Collado about beauty and skin care and as he offers her some tips to prevent and deal with conditions like cellulite and skin sagging.

 15/06/2015 - PBSerum in Ho Chi Minj (Vietnam)

PBSerum Vietnam

After PBSerum`s hard work in Birmania, our team has traveled to Ho Chi Minh, in Vietnam, to participate in a 2-day long workshop for doctors and distributors. During these private sessions, attendees will witness the advantages of PBSerum products thanks to demonstrations on real patients like the one that is taking place today in Sian in a prestigious medical center.

13/06/2015 - PBSerum against skin cancer

PBSerum against Cancer

Today, on the European Day of the Skin Cancer Prevention, we want you to know a little bit more about our products` ingredients, more specifically, the enzyme Keratinas KerA PB333, a natural peeling of biotechnological origin that can be found in all of our face products. It is a bioactive enzyme that degrades the superficial layer of the skin causing any harm, any exposure and any alteration to its natural balance. PBSerum products respect your skin, nevertheless, our application protocols suggest the application of sun protection factor to avoid the apparition of blotches caused by solar radiation exposition. With all this, PBSerum women can enjoy our active ingredients while staying protected from external factors that may be aggressive to their skin. Maximum efficiency with maximum responsibility and efficacy!

11/06/2015 - PBSerum in Birmania

PBSerum Cosmobeauté Myanmar 2015

As every year, Cosmobeaute Myanmar 2015 starts and in this edition will include PBSerum’s participation. This event will take place from the 11th to the 13th of June and it will gather more than 50 different brands that will have their own stand and that come from 16 different countries like USA, France, Italy, Spain, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar.  This show pulls many local distributors, retailers and professionals from the beauty, perfumery, cosmetics and skincare industries based in Myanmar and bordering countries. Another milestone for PBSerum that continues opening its doors to new market opportunities.

06/06/2015 - PBSerum committed to the environment

Both PBSerum products and its manufacturing process follow the so called PBSerum Sustainability System. It is a standardized system of sustainability which includes environmentally friendly manufacturing procedures. Thanks to this program, our products are totally healthy, free onf preservatives, perfumes, parabens or additives. Our manufacturing process is completely environmentally friendly and, in addition, our products haven`t been tested on animals and the enzymes that we use have a biological origin. PBSerum laboratory, in Albacete, is registered as a producer of hazardous waste and for this we follow very strict recycling program that meets all the environmental requirements established by the official waste managers we work with.

05/05/2015 - PBSerum in Denmark

In early May, our client MKCPH has introduced PBSerum products in Denmark during a seminar that took place in Copenhagen. Attendees were very satisfied with the results of the demonstration of PBSerum products. We are very grateful for the trust placed in our brand that is widening daily.

29/04/2015 - PBSerum in Ukraine

PBSerum training session in Kiev

Last 29th of April, our sales team performed an official training session in Kiev which was organised by our Ukranian distributor Intercosmetic Group. This training session was followed by a PBSerum products demonstration. This workday was atended by over 50 participants: national sub-distributors, aesthetics professionals and doctors. We are very grateful for the trust placed in our brand that is widening daily

27/04/2015 - Book Industrial protection and its influence on corporate success

Trade Mark Office

Proteos Biotech is introduced as one the examples of business success in the book Industrial protection and its influence on corporate success presented by the Spanish Patent and Trade Mark Office (OEPM). This book relates PBSerum's evolution throughout its history, its protectionist strategy for intellectual property and the way Proteos Biotech protects their products by registering its trademarks like RENOVENZYME PB, KERATOCLEAN PB and, more specially, PBSerum. Read further in chapter 63 of the book

26/04/2015 - PBSerum in Belgrade

Last 25th and 26th of April took place the Svetlepote exhibition in Belgrade where our distributor Dragana D Cosmetics introduced our products in a stand exclusively dedicated to PBSerum. This tradeshow has been organized in cooperation with exhibitors of well known cosmetic brands that surprised the professional visitors with plenty of courses and trainings, cosmetics gifts and travels

25/04/2015 - PBSerum in Leipzig

Thanks to our German client Seven-Cos , PBSerum has been present in the 5th edition of the international tradeshow Beauty Forum that took place in Liepzig, Germany. This show gathers over 8,000 visitors and more than 280 exhibitors aimed to exchange latest information about tendencies, news, products and comprehensive beauty treatments. This tradeshow was characterized by different thematic areas, workshops, conferences and exciting tournaments where PBSerum got the chance to be introduced internationally once again

24/04/2015 - Workshop 'Bioactive enzymes: new solutions in aesthetic medicine'

Next 25th of April, Juan Ramón Muñoz Montaño, General Manager of Proteos Biotech will conduct the workshop titled 'Bioactive enzymes: new solutions in aesthetic medicine'. This workshop is exclusively addressed to aesthetic doctors and it will be the perfect occasion to introduce the Biotechnology industry into aesthetic medicine.

09/04/2015 - PBSerum in Panama

The Panamanian company Reprico S.A., with over 65 years of experience within the Pharmaceutical industry, welcomes the future of cosmeceuticals with PBSerum. They define our products as innovative apart from being designed to improve and care every type of skin in a customized way thanks to the manufacture of the products in a prestigious Spanish laboratory. You can read the article in the following website:

07/04/2015 - PBSerum in París

The "45e Congres International d Esthetique et du Spa 2015", where our French client Biosthetic  introduced PBSerum products, took place in Paris from the 28th to the 30th of March. This event included 20.000m2 of exhibition area, more than 250 exhibitors, 650 brands and 24.000 participants ending up as another great achievement for PBSerum.

01/04/2015 - PBSerum in Düsseldorf

Last weekend, it took place BEAUTY DUSSELDORF trade Show in Germany. On its 30th anniversary, thanks to our German client Seven-Cos GmbH, PBSerum products have been introduced at this exhibition where there were 51,000 visitors from 60 countries. Given the importance of this event for cosmetics professionals, PBSerum has proved its international presence once again.

10/03/2015 - PBSerum in Bologna

PBSerum Bologne

Once again the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna begins. This leading international fair in the business of cosmetics and wellness brings over 45 years collecting professionals. It will be March 20th to 23th. It is an 360º event which dedicates 90,000 square meters of exhibition dedicated to different sectors of the beauty industry as: cosmetics, perfume, beauty, spa, salon, natural health so on. Again PBSerum  will be involve in this important fair which brings together professionals from around the world. Thanks to the joint participation of the Spanish companies, organized as in previous years by ICEX, you will find the PBSerum stand in the Spanish area. Do not miss the opportunity to know about our new products!

10/03/2015 - PBSerum in Mexico

Next March 18th the first PBSerum Mexico Workshop will start. The subject-matter will be the Application of Enzymes in Aesthetic Medicine provided by Juan Ramon Munoz Montano, General Manager at Proteos Biotech. Again, an example of how PBSerum  is opening its borders and has special highlights at the cosmetics market.

09/03/2015 - PBSerum in "The Women's World", Chile

On the occasion of "International Women`s Day", the prestigious Vanity magazine organized in Chile the first Fair "The Women's World", from March 6th until March 8th. This event had the collaboration of PBSerum in a full weekend dedicated to women covering activities in health, fashion, beauty, travel and so on. In view of the great occasion, Galenicum has participated together with PBSerum , in a stand dedicated to women, who was the protagonists.

09/03/2015 - PBSerum in Mexico

Last March 6th and 7th, PBSerum took place in the 5th Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine Forum and the 12th Scientific Aesthetic Medicine Congress located in Mexico City. The event was attended by aesthetics representatives, who had the opportunity to meet our line of products, particularly the body line Plus. The conference is just another example of the success achieved by PBSerum in the cosmetics sector.

02/03/2015 - PBSerum   workshop, Cambodia

Last February, PBSerum  organized a workshop in Cambodia where their product range showed. The event had a great participation with a large number of attendees. After the huge success from the participants, a second edition of this workshop will be openened at the end of March where PBSerum will co-operate with a Cambodiam government Hospital


Extreme Firmness Complex

Last December 16th, in the prestigious Hotel Urso located at the heart of Madrid, it took place the presentation of PBSerum latest and revolutionary face line products. The team successfully organized an open day to launch EXTREME FIRMENESS COMPLEX, the new firming face line.  This event was attended by over fifty journalists and bloggers specialized in the fields of cosmetics, aesthetics and fashion as well as by representatives of the most renowned beauty centers in Madrid. The success of this presentation became evident among the participants given the results of this new line of PBSerum products. At the same time, participants could benefit from an exclusive environment in the master suite of the hotel where they received a comprehensive facial treatment. In this way, they experienced in first person the outstanding results this innovative and brand-new product brings.

11/11/2014 - PBSerum in Hong Kong

Thanks to the success of the last participations in internationals fairs such as Cosmoprof Bolonia or Beauty World Middle East Dubai, PBSerum returns to the international scene at Cosmoprof Asia, the fair of reference on the Asiatic cosmetic market. Cosmoprof Asia 2014 will take place this year in Hong Kong on 12-14 November. We will be there thanks to the joint participation of the Spanish companies, organized as in previous years by ICEX. You can find us in the Spanish area, at Hall 3E, Stand F3H. Come visit us and find out about our new products!

04/03/14 - PBSerum in Dubai

PBSerum Dubai

Beautyworld Middle East is the largest international trade fair for beauty products and well-being in the Middle East and one of the top 5 exhibitions worldwide. A truly international event,  Beautyworld Middle East offers trade visitors the convenience of meeting over 1.000+ companies face to face over three days, for serious business. Now in its 19th year, the exhibition has played a vital role in the growth and development of the industry, with a solid representation of global products and brands. Being aware of the importance of the Middle East in the Cosmetic Industry, PBSerum doesn't want to miss this mandatory appointment.That is why, we will be there joining STANPA, as part of the group of Spanish companies this entity gathers. You will be able to find us in Stand S1A38, please don't forget it and come visit us!

19/02/14 - PBSerum in Bologna

For more than 45 years, Cosmoprof Bologna is the leading 360 worldwide event for the professional beauty sector and an international platform for the cosmetics and wellness industry. In 2013 over 90,000 square metres of exhibition space were dedicated to the various sectors of the beauty industry: Perfumery and Cosmetics, Natural Health, Packaging and Contract Manufacturing, Beauty Salon and Spa, Hair, Nails. Now, at its 47th edition, Cosmoprof Bologna is the biggest national event attracting everybody in the beauty industry en PBSerum is not going to miss it. We will be there thanks to the joint participation of the Spanish companies, organized as in previous years by ICEX. You can find us in the Spanish area, at stand A18, Pavilion 19. Come visit us and find out about our new products!