Intensive enzymatic treatment for tissue drainage.
Draining and anti-water retention enzymatic treatment.

Active ingredients

Hyaluronidase PB3000

Enzyme that acts by degrading the polysaccharides responsible for fluid retention, increasing tissue permeability and improving microcirculation.

  • Edematous cellulite.
  • Fluid retention.
Visible results
  • Improves the skin’s appearance and the appearance of edematous cellulite.
  • Reduces fluid retention. More refined shape.
  • 10 vials of sterile lyophilized powder.

Synergystic combination of Lipase PB500, Collagenase GH PB220 and Hyaluronidase PB3000 for an intensive enzymatic treatment with a wide number of indications in dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

Areas of application