Appropiate for double chin

Did you know that with #pbserumMEDICAL you can completely get rid of double chin? Find out more about this common condition...

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Cellulite causes

Did you know that between 80% and 90% of women might experience cellulite in their lives? Discover the main cellulite causes...

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Cellulite is originated by three factors that are equally present in the skin. However, an accurate diagnosis might help in the differentiation of a greater involvement of each factor..

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Skin aging

The skin aging is a natural process of our body that occurs by multiple causes. Since certain skin structures weaken...

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Intensive facial rejuvenation treatment

Find out the perfect Intensive facial rejuvenation treatment for a super hydrating shot in our face before summer... 

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pbserum Low

Do you know our #pbserumLOW? is perfect for the degardation of polysaccharide molecules for water collection, with the resulting release of the fluid retained in them to reduce oedema in the affected tissues...

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pbserum Medium

Do you know our #pbserumMEDIUM? stimulates lipid metabolism and the triglycerides breakdowns to reduce the adipocyte volume in areas with excessive accumulated fat...

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