Take advantage of our RADIANT line properties!

Cold is a very damaging agent for the skin. Dehydration, redness, peeling or faded and sad skin are some of the most common symptoms of a face that is not very well cared for at this time of year. Find out the best PBSerum allied for taking care of your skin this season 

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It's time to restart our skincare routine!

It is very usual that beginning autumn we all start routines again and we set new challenges and goals. Many of us mean to lose weight, those extra pounds we took on vacation, and others add to this, taking care of the skin… Find out 3 simple steps for taking care of your face...

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PBSerum Equilibrium & its benefits

Are you looking for a product rich in vitamins for your skin? PBSerum has the perfect combination of ingredients to prevent or eliminate acne, as well as scars or face marks caused by pimples. Find out the benefits of the Equilibrium line...

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Tips for a balanced pH

A healthy skin is essential for our whole well-being as it is our protective barrier between our body and external agents. The skin pH is one of its key protective mechanisms. Find out some tips for a balanced pH...

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Get a luminous skin this autumn!

Are you still dragging damages in your skin from the summer? Does your face continue to look dry and dull from the holiday excesses? Find out how to get a luminous skin this autumn...

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Tanned skin without wrinkles!

It is fully proven that premature skin aging is mainly due to sun exposure. Chronological skin aging has no solution, but photoaging speeds up the process...

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Tips to keep the tan

You just return from the beach and you have achieved that perfect tan that you wanted so much! Now, what you want the most is to maintain this spectacular color as long as possible. Fin out 5 simple tips...

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