pbserum recombinant enzymes are the result of years of biotechnological research by specialized biologists, biochemists and engineers in our laboratories based in Albacete, Spain.

Seeking to boost the regenerative power of enzymes, our group of expert scientists developed the unique technology of pbserum, which has transformed the way various skin diseases and disorders are managed in clinical practice all over the world.

Being a true revolution in global medicine, pbserum has opened countless therapeutic possibilities to doctors, specialists and of course, to patients.


pbserum enzymes are of bacterial origin and were developed through a complex biotechnological process exclusive to pbserum. A key factor is the use of genetic DNA recombination technology, known as recombinant technology, to obtain enzymes synthesized by bacterial microorganisms, yet having the same structure and sequence as the human enzyme. Thanks to this, procedures based on recombinant enzymes offer a low level of immunogenicity, allowing a safe, effective, pure and biological treatment.

Lyophilization is a dehydration method of the active ingredients by rapid freezing and subsequent sublimation of the ice formed under reduced pressure conditions. A product of high purity and safety is then obtained.

This method achieves a high stability of the active principles, preserving 100% of the enzymes ’and vitamins’ activity and properties, while avoiding the need to use preservatives and additives.

Microemulsions are oily solutions that are obtained by the union of two immiscible liquids with a very small sized particle. This stabilizes enzymes in microcapsules to improve their penetration in an efficient and safe way. Additionally, the texture of this type of formulations facilitates massaging, without leaving residues and helps to obtain optimal results.


pbserum’s recombinant enzymes base their efficacy on their high specificity and substrate selectivity, as well as on the important role they play in tissue regeneration mechanisms. Through pbserum enzymes, we have managed to enhance this regenerative function and thereby improve the condition of one of the most complex organs that contributes the most to general health: the skin.

Using the appropriate recombinant enzyme or the ideal combination of enzymes, as well as the correct therapeutic application, it is possible to reduce skin damage in an accelerated way, including aging signs (wrinkles, expression lines, flaccidity, hyperpigmentation), blemishes, sequelae of acne, scars, fibrosis, cellulite and localized fat, among others.

Active ingredients