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This page provides answers to questions frequently asked by our customers.

-It is a proteolytic enzyme that decreases viscosity in extracellular matrix reducing edema and improving diffusion of collagenase and lipase and this is the reason they act in synergy.

-Non-crossed-linked high molecular weight hyaluronic acid is proven to reduce fibrosis markers in inflammatory events.

-The kit included in the LMH presentation is composed of lyophilized enzymes, HA and Reconstitution buffer which is specifically designed to promote enzymatic action at the designed tissue.

PBSerum Medical line has three presentations developed for specific indications with proven efficacy, clinical evidence and treatment schemes provided by PBSerum:

-Low: Face profiling

-Medium: Double chin, Localized fat

-High: Scars and post-surgical fibrosis

-Even if results can be observed 15 days after the treatment, doctors’ criteria to assess patients can imply certain modifications in protocols to be able to adapt to patients and indications.

After surgery, accident, or an infection situation, PBSerum recommends waiting until full recovery, the scarring process to be started and/or infection remission (around one week).

Yes, but considering the below:

-Tissue heating devices*:

  1. Wait at least 30 min before the enzymatic treatment application
  2. Use your device of choice in between PBSerum treatment sessions

-Tissue cooling devices*:

  1. At least 7 days before or after PBSerum treatment application

Do not use equipment right after PBSerum treatment

Like most drugs and medical devices in the market, studies and clinical experience of recombinant enzymes is mainly focused on adult men and women.

Even if PBSerum Medical does not count with clinical evidence in target patient, a wide safety and efficacy profile allow to improve patients’ quality of life.

-Before any other dermo aesthetic procedure such as toxin or fillers, PBSerum Medical team recommend waiting least 15 days.

-If it is possible, we recommend starting with recombinant enzymes treatment and then follow with other aesthetic procedure.

-Tissue remodeling action of enzymes will be more visible in normal BMI patients with a healthy lifestyle.

See PBSerum Medical contraindications and precautions.

-Low, Medium, and High have Lyase in its formulation which can specifically reduce the presence of proteoglycans in extracellular matrix.

-PBSerum takes in consideration that its action can affect hyaluronic fillers if they are very close to the site of application.

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