smartker Daily Anti-Blemish

Designed to fight chronoaging at home.

Active ingredients

Keratinase PB333

Increases skin permeability and improves the retention of active ingredients in the skin.

Removes dead cells and promotes a renewal of the superficial layers of the skin.

It improves skin texture.

Vitamin A

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Protects against ageing.

Reduces pigmentation and the appearance of spots.

Vitamin C

Powerful antioxidant that protects against UV radiation.

Prevents hyperpigmentation.

Cofactor in the synthesis of new collagen fibers.

Vitamin E

Powerful antioxidant that protects against UV radiation.

HMW Hyaluronic Acid

Penetrate into the skin’s deeper layers.

Fills in wrinkles, fine lines and improves cellular cohesion by preventing transepidermal water loss.

  • Chronoaging.
  • Irregular texture and imperfections.
Visible results
  • Unification of skin tone and imperfections.
  • Decrease in visible signs of aging.

15 ampoules (15 units x 2 mL)